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major_error_in_generally_held_evangelical_end_of_age_prophetic_interpretations.pdf "Major Error in Generally Held Evangelical End-of-Age Prophetic Interpretations.pdf e-Book" Click on either the image or hyperlink to the left to download a free copy of this thesis: "Major Error in Generally Held Evangelical End-of-Age Prophetic Interpretations.pdf e-Book".

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     THIS PRESENTATION is about interpretation of biblical prophecy regarding the end of this civilization since Noah.

     The top three religious groups in the US are Catholics, Baptists and Methodists, comprising about 100 million souls. Of these, Baptists are probably most familiar with an interpretation of biblical end-of-age events. However, due to the History Channel's popularization of the Mayan 2012 long-count calendar end, the political developments in the Mideast, the increasing trend in catastrophic natural events, and YouTube Internet film clips on the subject, many people are now interested in end of age prophesy. Unfortunately, nearly all of what is seen and heard from the most admired evangelist is contrary to scripture, just as Jesus warned over and over in Matthew 24 that it would be."

     This presentation unequivocally identifies and proves the assumptive errors of the predominantly evangelical "Pre-Tribulation Rapture Theory" beyond a shadow of a doubt, and presents a correct chronology and understanding of the prophetic events prophesied and soon to take place.

     This presentation is in two parts. Part One sets forth the assumptive error of "pre-tribulation rapture theory" and thoroughly argues and abundantly evidences the correct interpretation. Part Two is a totally scriptural, hermeneutical, event sequencing presentation from multiple biblical accounts with texts arranged columnar, with common events arranged laterally across columns, that prove unequivocally the assumed 7-year tribulation with a pre-tribulation rapture and a 3.5 year period of wrath included within the 7 years tribulation conjecture is in error; and proves the correct interpretation, as argued in Part One and substantiated in Part Two, fits no other way when all the pieces are on the table.

About The Author

     Jerry Warrington, the author, was born in Jackson, Mississippi to a Baptist family; dedicated his life to Christ as an adolescent, and wanted to be a preacher. He grew up attending four church services on Sunday and one or two on Wednesday night.

     After 6 years in the US Air Force and attending the US Air Force Institute and the U of Maryland, he was awarded a college equivalency by the USAF Institute.  Upon separation from the AF he attended the Jackson School of Law, and later did course work at Georgia State University in ancient civilizations and finite math, and studied Humanities as a full time student at Atlanta Baptist College on scholarships from two of Atlanta's largest churches.

     Jerry then made a career in banking and finance, retiring in 2006 as a Financial Planner, SEC Registered Investment Advisor Representative, SEC Registered Principal and Certified Professional Consultant (CPC).

Jerry grew up with all the traditional Independent Baptist "right of passage" teachings of: "Kings James only," Dispensationalism, Pre 7-year Tribulation Rapture, etc. and could recite all the relevant misconstrued scripture. He has been a lifelong student of biblical prophecy, reading all the classic Baptist library volumes on end-time prophecy and as many new books on prophecy that he came across.

     In the 1980's he came across When Your Money Fails , by Mary Stewart Relfe, PhD., an excellent book by a great missionary and CEO of League of Prayer, Inc. on the prophecy concerning the "mark of the beast," which introduced a whole new time-line, sequence and duration, for end-of-age events and/or periods. He was so alarmed by her apparent error that he sat about to draft a biblically documented letter of rebuttal and correction. However, as he researched and contrasted the scripture and interpretations she had set forth, to his amazement, he began to discover gaps and missing hermeneutic scripture in what he had been taught and so thoroughly believed in. So much so, that he was taken aback. This cracked the door of revelation that has continued to enlarge these 40 years hence. This presentation is a result of that light, which is the true light, the light of Christ revealed by the study of the bible itself for one's own self edification. 

     Now, he understands why so much end-of-age prophecy contains emphatic warnings such as: "Be Careful that no one leads you astray," "Let no one deceive you in any way," "Watch out that you don't get led astray, For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect," as if deception was rampant, because it indeed is.

The End of This Civilization Supporting Documents e-Book The End of This Civilization
Supporting Documents
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Click on either the image or hyperlink to the left to obtain a free pdf copy of the e-Book: The End of This Civilization, a more encompassing variation of the "Major Error . . . referred to at the beginning for those with a less biblical background than teachers, preachers and eschatologist.

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Daniel 9:27: The 7-year Covenant

An imminently forthcoming Mideast Peace Treaty whose anticipation has been world-wide front page news for the 70-years since Israel became a nation again in 1948 after its annihilation in 70 A.D.   A treaty that will remove Jewish sovereignity from Jerusalem, establish Jerusalem as an International City, usher in a restored Jewish Temple and signal the beginning event of the last 10.5 years of this civilization (7-years for Christians), and the rise of the reign of the Antichrist.

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Table of Contents

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  2. Chapter 1, "Pre-Trib Rapture Theory"

  3. Chapter 2, "Major Error in End-Of-Age Prophetic Interpretations"

  4. Chapter 3, "The Rapture of the Sanctified"

  5. Chapter 4, "The Book of Revelation and the Rapture"

  6. Chapter 5, "Summary of End-Times Events from Covenant to Rapture"

  7. To Be Determined (TBD)

  8. To Be Determined (TBD)

  9. To Be Determined (TBD)

  10. To Be Determined (TBD)

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